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What’s for Dinner?

Get Dinner on the Table (Simple recipes for busy families)

A busy life doesn’t mean you have to use the drive-thru. Recipes provided by the Down East Partnership for Children


Good and Cheap Cookbook Good and Cheap Cookbook by Leanne Brown (Eat well on $4/Day)


Helpful Links for Families:

MyPlate Healthy Eating on a Budget
Eat Right When Money’s Tight Tip Sheet (pdf)
Basic Nutrition for Everyone SNAP-Ed Connection
Cooking Resources (The Basics, Cooking with Limited Resources)
Seasonal Produce Guide
Food Safety Tips
Meal Planning, Shopping and Budgeting (Handouts and Web Sites)

Links For Educators:

Teach Kids about Food Safety!

Download Food Safety PSAs, Tip Sheets, PowerPoints (Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. Home Food Safety)

Cooking with Kids

MyPlate for My Family Educator Materials