To speak to one of our staff members, please call (252) 985-4300.

Executive Director

Henrietta Zalkind
Executive Director, ext. 209


Carol Crocker
Operations Director, ext. 201

Michelle Battle
Family Resource Center Coordinator, ext. 256

Derek Roberson
Family Resource Center Specialist, ext. 222

Don Williamson
Controller, ext. 211 

Elsie “Marie” Daniel-Sivels
Budget and Contracts Manager, ext. 203

Muoi Ong
Accounting Specialist, ext. 217

Tanisha Hart
Accounting Coordinator, ext. 213


Kimberly Hickerson
Program Director, ext. 202

Abbi Mullens
Family Services Program Manager, ext. 254

Debra Boudreau
Playgroup Coordinator, ext. 242

Gladys Richardson
Scholarship Coordinator, ext. 208

Heather St.Clair
Subsidy Program Manager, ext. 212 

Iris Ray 
Family Services Specialist, ext. 220

Johneshia Hunter
NC Pre-K Coordinator, ext. 219

Shewanna Manning
Core Quality Improvement Specialist, ext. 234

Jasmine Smith
Regional Infant-Toddler Specialist, ext. 214

Subsidy Specialist, ext. 245

Natasha Williams
Quality Improvement Specialist, ext. 244

Shaquana Bynum
Healthy Social Behavior Specialist, ext. 206

Sonja Person
Family Services Coordinator, ext. 241

Tracy Pittman
CCR&R Core Services Program Manager, ext. 204

Community Collaboratives

Angela Ward
Community Collaboratives Director, ext. 235

FEED Coordinator

Cynthia Pritchard
Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library, ext.218

Joyce Rouse
Ready Schools Coordinator, ext. 265

Donia Simmons
Ready Communities Specialist, ext. 236

Kelsey Mabery
Healthy Kids Specialist, ext. 271

Brittany Hicks
Healthy Kids Manager, ext. 238

Kyler Daniels
Ready Schools Specialist, ext. 262

Viola Barnes-Gray
Ready Communities Coordinator, ext. 251


Research & Development

Melissa Mishoe
R&D Director, ext. 240

Debra Lanham
Communications and Development Manager, ext. 237

Community Outreach Specialist, ext. 237

Pamela Chapman
Evaluation Coordinator, ext. 252

Monica Dood
Communications & Development Coordinator, ext. 271