Recipe for Resilience:

According to Abiola and Udofia (2011), resilience is associated with inner strength, competence, optimism, flexibility, and the ability to cope effectively when faced with adversity; and, minimizing the impact of risk factors, such as stressful life events, and enhancing the protective factors, such as optimism, social support, and active coping, that increase people’s ability to deal with life’s challenges. 

Tip: Prioritize Healthier Habits 


Ripe Revival’s Mobile Market is a hidden gem in our community. The mobile market allows you to shop for fresh, local foods using a pay-what-you-can model. Suggested prices for items are posted. Visit Station Square any Tuesday from 11am-1pm to experience! 


Tip: Learn a new skill


This links to the City’s website and the Denton Street Pool. The pool provides swim lessons to children and adults 5 years and older.  

This is a link to a yoga studio located in Enfield, NC in Halifax County. They have sessions even for beginners both virtually and in-person!