The Down East Partnership for Children (DEPC) is committed to launching every child as a healthy, lifelong learner by the end of the 3rd grade.  DEPC has developed a Model of Services for children 0-8 that promotes and creates Ready Kids, Ready Families, Ready Schools, and Ready Communities.

Through this model, DEPC reaches out to all families with children 0-8, assesses their needs, and connects them with a continuum of services, which includes strategies to:

  • Ensure availability and access to high quality early care and education;
  • Support families to effectively parent and meet the needs of their children;
  • Facilitate a positive transition to school;
  • Build “ready schools” that can successfully meet the needs of all children; and
  • Collaborate to support “ready communities” that can advocate for and build systems that support the healthy growth and development of all children.

How We Know It Works?

The DEPC model is built on research-based practices and 20+ years of experience in what works to support children and families.  Each component of this model of services is evaluated at the individual child and family levels, program levels, or community levels to not only ensure we are meeting our goals, but to also continuously improve our programs.  For information on our evaluation efforts, please review our most recent annual evaluation report.

DEPC Model of Services