Outreach & Leadership Development Program

The Community Fellows Program is a free, 10-week leadership development program for emerging or existing community leaders in Edgecombe and Nash counties. The goal of the program is to build the capacity of participants to be advocates for children and families so that they can have a direct influence on DEPC’s shared outcomes through community driven action.

Training sessions include:

Week 1: Working Together to Build Strong Families in a Strong Community

Week 2: Understanding Community Leadership

Week 3: Creating and Communicating Vision

Week 4: Engaging Families for Community Impact

Week 5: Communicating Effectively

Week 6: Working in Authentic Partnerships

Week 7: Solving Community Problems Step-by-Step

Week 8: Practicing in the West End Community

Week 9: Connecting with DEPC

Week 10: Creating an Action Plan

The training is led by a facilitator and meets once weekly on Thursday nights from 6:00 pm – 8:15 pm.  Two training sessions are held on Saturday from 9:30 – 1:30 during the 10 week schedule. Training takes place in group settings and individualized coaching sessions with the Ready Communities staff.

Participants in the Community Fellows Program…

  • Develop and increase their advocacy skills.
  • Network with other community leaders and resources.
  • Develop shared vision and community problem solving strategies.
  • Learn about the connection between health and early care and education in early child success.
  • Increase their own circle of influence and personal development.
  • Have an opportunity to make a lasting change in the community.

For more information, contact:

Viola Barnes-Gray, Ready Communities Coordinator, vgray@depc.org; (252) 985-4300


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