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WRAL Documentry on Leandro

Please take a look these links to receive an overview of Leandro and the resources 
planned for Nash and Edgecombe counties to improve our whole education system, cradle to career.

Link from Zoom meeting discussing local impact:  The Leandro Plan: The Roadmap NC Needs to Ensure Equity in Public Education

Leandro Impact Analysis: County-Level Early Education Impact

How resolution of the Leandro v. State case will benefit your district

Who is my legislator?
Henrietta’s PowerPoint Presentation to Fellows – April 2021
Draft of Legislation
Smple draft e-mail about the new bill
List of Legislators

Leandro Information

Learn More about how this plan outlines specific actions, including both policy changes and investments, that the state will make to ensure a sound basic education is provided to all our state’s children.

Leandro News

Worthy Wages Campaign

Worthy Wages For Worthy Work
North Carolina Early Education Coalition