Kaleidoscope Play and Learn™ Groups:

Kaleidoscope Play and Learn™ groups are based on scientific evidence and helps families prepare their young children (birth to age 5) for success in school and life.
Two times per year, indoor Play and Learn™ groups are offered in 16-week sessions for Infant/Toddlers and Preschoolers (Birth-5). These groups are held in the DEPC’s indoor play space which houses a variety of developmentally appropriate toys and activities, as well as a unique water play area. Groups are also held at the Harold D. Cooley Library in Nashville and Edgecombe County Memorial Library in Tarboro.
Not only are the Play and Learn™ groups fun for the child and caregiver, but they give caregivers an opportunity to interact with their child in a structured environment while working with their child on social-emotional, language, cognitive and motor development.
Children who have never been in a formal childcare setting benefit from Play and Learn™ groups as they have opportunities to learn and practice important social-emotional skills that will help them become successful in school.
During Play and Learn™ groups intentional caregiver learning takes place as the Family Services Specialist Play Group Leader provides caregivers with both written and oral information about child development and appropriate behavior management techniques. The Play Group Leader also helps parents support their child with learning new skills, as well as connects caregivers together who have children experiencing similar developmental stages

Summer Play and Learn™ Groups:

During the month of July, DEPC hosts a series of outdoor Play and Learn™ groups at DEPCs model Discovery Park.

The DEPC Discovery Park is home to several gardens, handicap accessible play equipment, swings, music equipment, a Born Learning Trail and many natural learning environments. 

Highlights of the summer Play and Learn™ Groups include:

  • Parent/child relay games
  • Water play
  • Bubbles, and
  • Art activities
All indoor and outdoor Play and Learn™ Groups are inclusive and adaptive for the child with special needs.
For more information regarding DEPC’s Play and Learn™ Groups contact Debra Boudreau, Playgroup Coordinator, and dboudreau@depc.org  or by calling 252-985-4300.