DEPC’s Healthy Kids Collaborative (HKC) is a two-county initiative with the mission to reduce the obesity rate of children in Nash and Edgecombe counties. Community partners volunteering in HKC have the opportunity to impact policies and practices that increase access to healthy food and outdoor resources for physical activity and promote family and community healthy living education. Volunteers may participate in the quarterly Healthy Kids Collaborative meetings and/or on one of five subgroups (Policy, Child Care, Medical, Outdoor Learning Environments and Family Engagement).

Community volunteers may also participate in F.I.T. (Families Involved Together), a component of HKC. F.I.T. is a group of parents who work together to break down barriers and build skills that help to successfully advocate for healthy children.

For more information, contact

Emily Watson, Healthy Kids Coordinator, (252) 985-4300

Sydney Phillips, Health Kids Specialist, (252) 985-4300


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