Paul Tough recently wrote an article To Help Kids Thrive, Coach Their Parents in the New York Times that highlights the need for parental involvement for children to succeed. Parental involvement is not as easy as it sounds for many families, for example, those living in poverty that have to work multiple jobs to make ends meet. Parents need support systems from the community as well as coaching to understand how important their very presence is for their children. As Tough states, “if we want to improve children’s opportunities for success, the most powerful potential levers for change are the attitudes, beliefs and behaviors of the adults who surround them.” Children need positive influences to succeed. “These positive influences can have a profound effect on the development of noncognitive skills.” Noncognitive skills include morals, emotional habits and mindsets.  Read Paul Tough’s article from the New York Times here to learn about the profound impact parents and adults that surround children have on each child.




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