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The long-term (8 year) plan for implementing the Leandro Consent Order was filed on Monday, March 15th. This plan outlines specific actions, including both policy changes and investments, that the state will make to ensure a sound basic education is provided to all our state’s children.

Next steps for early education include:

  • increasing compensation for early childhood teachers and supports to improve the early educator pipeline
  • scaling up funding for Smart Start to meet the full 25% of need that it was originally designed to address for children 0-5
  • expanding access to NCPre-K so more at risk 4-year-old children can participate, including full day, full year programing and transportation
  • expanding early learning opportunities for children 0-3, including early intervention services for at risk children
  • increasing funding for specialized support personnel and teaching assistants in K-3

Why is Leandro important for young children and their families? 

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The Leandro case

The landmark Leandro ruling reaffirmed North Carolina’s constitutional duty to ensure all children have the opportunity to receive a sound basic education. … Identifying the resources necessary to ensure that all children, including those at-risk, have an equal opportunity to obtain a sound, basic education including high quality early education.  

Leandro Comprehensive Remedial Plan (2021-28) (link)

Appendix: Leandro Implementation Cost Tables (2021-28) (link)

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Every Child NC Overview (below)

WestEd Executive Summary (below)

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