Congratulations to the residents of the Housing Authority at Weeks Armstrong for successfully completing the four week Nutrition Education Class. These classes were made possible by the SNAP-Ed grant DEPC received last year. The class culminated yesterday with a “Healthy Potluck” after class, where residents prepared meals incorporating knowledge/tips learned as well as demonstrating their culinary skills.  Residents excitedly shared how they prepared their healthy meals and have incorporated small changes in their daily lives.

DEPC is thankful for the long-term collaboration with the Housing Authority dating back to Pre-K registration, presentations at Residence Meetings, participation in Housing Authority Community Day, Cooking Class taught by Alice Thorpe and other family services resources over the years. Residents asked about other workshops and resources and we will be following up to keep them informed. The Housing Authority Management has been very cooperative in embracing the focus on health, nutrition and physical activity. What a great success story!