Incredible Reunion!

Do you want to know why all of these parents and children are smiling? It’s because of “The Incredible Years Program!” On Monday, June 20 over 30 caregivers and 45 children met together for an Incredible Years Reunion! All of these caregivers had successfully completed the fun and engaging 16 week preschool Incredible Years series. If  … Read more

behavioral milestones

Wellness Wednesday – Behavioral Milestones

Did you know that the preschool year are an important time to begin establishing healthy habits for life? These healthy habits also include food choices and supervision needed. The USDA has a handout that shows these behavioral milestones for ages 2-5. Help your preschooler begin to learn healthy habits!

veggie bag

MyPlate Monday

Vegetables helps lower blood pressure, lower risk of heart attack & stroke and fight infections! Vegetables have many health benefits and contain valuable nutrients that your body needs. Most vegetables are low in fat and calories and none have cholesterol. Make vegetables a vital part of your meal each day!


Fun Fact Friday

Did you know that today’s youth may have a shorter life expectancy than their parents due to high rates of obesity? This is a frightening realization especially since this generation is expected to be the first to have a shorter life expectancy. One in three children and teens is overweight or obese according to the American  … Read more

brain exercise

Wellness Wednesday

Did you know that your mind needs exercising too? Studies have shown that by “exercising” the mind, memory loss and risk of dementia decreases. You can do exercises such as trying a new hobby or skill, doing math in your head instead of relying on a calculator, test your recall and try to memorize items  … Read more

summer produce

Eat in Season

Did you know that you can save money by buying fruits and vegetables that are in season? When you buy these items during off season, the cost is increased due to importing and shipping costs. Currently, summer produce includes bananas, beets, bell peppers, eggplant, peaches, watermelon, tomatoes and lima beans. View the seasonal produce guide  … Read more


Henrietta Zalkind: Summer Learning Abounds

(Published in the Rocky Mount Telegram Sunday, June 19, 2016) Summer is here and the Down East Partnership for Children is hard at work developing our new Strategic Plan to guide the next five years of our mission to launch every child in Nash and Edgecombe counties as a healthy, life-long learner by the end  … Read more


MyPlate Monday – Grains

Did you know that at least half of your grains should be whole grains? Examples of whole grains include whole-wheat flour, oatmeal, and brown rice. It is important to read the ingredients as many grains are refined meaning they lose some nutritional value. According to MyPlate, “In general, 1 slice of bread, 1 cup of  … Read more

reach out and read

Fun Fact Friday!

Did you know that DEPC participates in the Reach Out and Read program? The purpose of Reach Out & Read is to connect medical providers and families with books for kids ages birth to 5 years! By providing families with books, children can get a head start on language and literacy skills. This prepares them for the  … Read more